SISTEMAS ECG, Specialists in vibratory and electromechanical feeders

We are specialists in the sector of vibratory and electromechanical feeders, providing customized solutions to companies, with the aim of improving the competitive capacity of our customers.

Sistemas ECG Vibración was created in Barcelona in 2005 because of the experience and knowledge of our professionals who have a more than 30-year career in the field of vibratory and electromechanical feeders.

During the last years we have become the leader company in our field because we constantly invested in our productive structure, so we currently have a team of workers and a mechanical equipment which are able to guarantee the quality of our products.

After having consolidated our place in the Spanish market, we worked on the international renown of our products and now we export 40% of our production to the global market

For Sistemas ECG Vibración our responsability for having our customers satisfied is a priority, therefore, we guarantee that our works are properly carried out; we pay attention to the details, offer a constant service and fulfill our tasks in the time arranged. We are business rigorous.

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